Launching our News section

One of the problems (and a nice one to have, actually) for those of us movie and TV show lovers, is to be up to date about that show that’s trending on internet or that movie not to be missed at cinemas. We’ve all been hurt in our pride of movie/show enthusiast when a good friend asks “you really haven’t seen this show?” or “you haven’t watched this trailer yet?”

News in your iPhone

News in your iPhone

It’s no use for a library to be organized, clean and updated if you’re not able to keep up with new shows and movies you could watch in the future.

With Squire we want to solve this in various ways. Increasingly we’ll be implementing new features towards this. The first and most obvious will be a “News” section. As we mentioned in previous posts, if you’ve become a premium user you’ll be enjoying new features progressively. Here’s a new advantage to becoming premium… and it won’t be the last.

New Premium Memberships

I don’t know what Squire means to you. For me it’s the way to have the best possible experience managing my TV shows and movies. In my vision of what this experience should be, there are some functionalities that could not be achievable in the current format. Features that carry additional costs to the user or imply a lot of support and maintenance resources.

Squire is a small product, a one-man business built by taking away from sleep and spare time. Like most of the apps form the App Store it’s not profitable, despite having a considerable user base.

New premium interface for tvOS

New premium interface for tvOS

So in order to introduce these major new functionalities and still make of Squire a great user experience we had to choose between a couple of options:

  1. Create a new 2.0 version that breaks the old one, abandon current version support and user base, making then everyone pay in equal terms.
  2. Continue working in the current version and offer a monthly premium account for those wanting to upgrade to the additional functions and help us keeping the application alive. All for a minimal monthly fee.

I finally chose the latter.

This new version has a player powered by a completely new engine, new interface elements, subtitle support improvements, better Plex support… all this and many more features that current users can enjoy without spending a single dollar.

Additionally, we offer the first premium features:

  • account support, so you can forget about Squire Helper to play your movies and TV shows.
  • New detail interface view on Apple TV.
  • High quality trailers.
  • Clips with interviews, behind the scenes and other extras.
Loading screen. Premium extras and behind the scenes clips.

Loading screen. Premium extras and behind the scenes clips.

We know, it may not seem much at this point but we plan soon to add many more:

  • Better support.
  • Support for Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive…
  • Offline mode for video watching from anywhere, even without a connection.
  • Intelligent notifications.
  • Recommendations.
  • News

If you really enjoy Squire, want to help it improve and also help us afford these new functions I very much appreciate your subscription.

Thanks in advance.