Push notifications

Everything was easier years ago. Less channels, less shows, less episodes to follow. Nowadays the offer is infinitely broader and it would drive you insane if you had to remember every upcoming episode from each of the shows you follow.

Squire already helps you to know about upcoming episodes. In the episode list you can see how many days left for the next episode airing. But we think this is not enough and we’ve worked to improve things.

From now on you’ll be able to receive specific messages about upcoming episodes for the shows you’re following and other kinds of information we know will be relevant to you. Don’t be afraid, we’ll be respectful. We know you don’t want a stream of notifications at any time that bother you for no reason.

If your notifications are not showing up you may have them disabled in your iPhone. To activate them just tap into Preferences/Notifications/Squire and enable notifications.

Cool! New episode :)

Cool! New episode :)