Finally, Plex in Squire

Squire has been supporting Plex for many months now but we’re aware that it was a partial support and was far from being perfect. Our latest update has been a big jump and we think now Squire can be considered a great Plex client too.

In addition to being able to use your local server, Squire now also lets you enjoy your shared libraries or your Plex Cloud. Better yet, why not everything at once? Forget about selecting servers or typing IPs and ports manually. Just connect your account to Squire and we’ll take care of the rest. All your movies and TV shows from all your connected servers will be added to your Squire library.

All Plex support has been re-written from te ground up. We’ll keep on improving our system with each update. My most sincere thanks to our beta testers, specially Richard, Brice, Essam and Taylor.