Forced to say goodbye to streams

Many of you have asked me why there aren’t more updates recently. The pace of updates is broken because it’s been impossible for us to get our latest versions approved by Apple’s app submission review.

Apple is forcing us to remove every feature that, under their view, makes Squire a file sharing application. We’re currently trying to resolve these issues making Apple come to terms with the fact that Squire:

  • Does not provide files to users.
  • Does not allow the sharing of magnet/torrent links between users.

Honestly, I’ve never considered Squire to be a torrent client and I think it’d be unfair to regard it that way. Squire lets the user gather their library in a single place regardless of the content’s origin. Squire gives users total freedom to organize their library as they see it fits them better.

After weeks of trying countless solutions, today I assume there’s really no turning back. This battle is lost. Apple is forcing me to terminate Streams and its associated features or face the pulling from the App Store (currently the app is removed from sale) and have my developer account cancelled. Enforced by Apple, the next Squire revision will eliminate all torrent and magnet support.

I want to remain optimist however. I think Squire is much more than a single feature we’re missing now. For example, our new update will enable the scanning and automatic identification of files stored in your account. We’ll soon further extend the support to Dropbox, and Google Drive. Also, we’ll focus on enhancing Plex compatibility and support, as well as adding other planned features: offline mode, push notifications, etc.