New versions for Apple TV and iOS

After a rather troublesome revision process we’ve released the new versions for Apple TV and iOS, available now. This new new version makes some deep internal changes to allow future improvements in upcoming months:

  • Cloud service to allow the syncing of playback position, TV show tracking and Watch Later/Favorites list state.
  • New local data persistence system.
  • First version to support Plex Media Server in local networks.
  • New settings.

Right now it might not look like a big deal for everyday use, but in the near future it’ll help deploy frequent and important updates.

The most relevant feature is perhaps the addition of Plex support announced in previous posts. This is the first version that supports Plex Media Server locally and, even if we have been testing Squire for months, it’s not until now that the app faces thousands of Plex libraries installed in multiple devices, each one with its own peculiarities. We’ll need your help and greatly appreciate all reports sent to We hope there are no major problems. Thanks for your patience.