Settings in AppleTV version

We keep on improving the app week after week. This update brings many small improvements that’ll make you feel more comfortable using Squire.

We also bring an all-new Settings view where we’ll be adding features so you can customize Squire to your like. For starters, you’ll be able to configure your subtitles appearance and activate/deactivate soundtracks music from movies.


Setup subtitles

In detail:

- Configure size, font, color and subtitle background to adapt it to your TV screen, customize them to your like (see image above).
- Interface visual improvements.
- The gesture used to open and close the upper menu in the video player behaves more consistently with the standard system gesture.
- Fixes a small bug when marking episodes as watched.
- Fixes small bugs regarding environment sound management.
- Now the app behaves more consistently when entering and coming out of background usage.
- Fixes other minor bugs.